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Massage Cream

Massage Cream
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Massage Cream
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- it delay the natural aging of the skin.

 - it prevents the premature aging of the skin  and restores the firmness

   and tonicity of the skin.

- it activates the blood circulation at the peripheral level. and increases the suppleness

  and softness of the skin.

- it maintains the lipo-hydric balance and the peripheral level.

- it ,maintains the lipo-hydric balance and the PH of the skin within normal limits.


Effects:- It fortifies, softness, relaxes and increases the suppleness and the firmness of the skin.


 Apply: Applying it 2 or 3 times a week, all over your body. Massage it energetically for at least 10

               minutes , it is high recommended for body care during pregnancy, after losing weight and

               after lengthy sun exposure.


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