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Cream De Fataٍ SPF10 Sunscreen

Cream De Fataٍ SPF10 Sunscreen
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Cream De Fataٍ SPF10 Sunscreen
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This cream is designed to nourish and protect sensitive facial skin from sunlight and solar radiation.

It consists of natural materials to nourish and protect the skin of the face and contains vitamin E that

nourishes and protects the skin from sunlight and weather factors.

It is placed on the skin of the face, neck and forearms exposed to the sun, as it works to protect the skin

from the scorching rays of the sun It prevents the formation of freckles, dark circles and sunburn,

and makes the skin healthy, clean, smooth and resistant to sunlight.

It also maintains the softness and moisture of the skin.

It is also used in the winter to protect the skin from cracks and protect against ultraviolet rays.

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