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Volumizing Hair Group

Volumizing Hair Group
Volumizing Hair Group
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This group consists of 3 special Natural products for the process of thickening

and thickening the hair, and this group is as follows:

First: Volumizing Shampoo for Fine and Colorless Hair Y3.1

Y3.1 Volumizing Shampoo is an excellent ideal for treating fine, brittle and frizzy hair because it contains

It contains a unique combination of natural materials, keratin, argan, fruit acids and these elements

It works to strengthen hair roots and treat dandruff and fall, making the hair strong, thick, soft and strong

How to use: Wash the hair with this shampoo twice in the wash, where an appropriate amount of shampoo is placed

On the hair, rub it well with a massage, then rinse the hair with water, then put a small amount of shampoo again

On the hair, rub it and leave the hair foam for a period of no less than two minutes, then wash the hair with water,

preferably after that , Use Y3.2 . Volumizing Hair Mask

Second: A thickening mask for fine and colorless hair Y3.2

A good hair nourisher and processor to strengthen and intensify hair because it contains a mixture

of keratin and natural argan

Third: hair volumizing spray Y3.3

A spray with special natural ingredients for styling and treating fine hair and intensifying

hair from the scalp to the ends, 

It restores the hair's flexibility and works as a protective layer on the hair from salt water

and the heat of the sun Nourishing and moisturizing hair and gives a good smell that lasts all day

 How to use: After washing the hair with shampoo, using the mask and drying the hair, the hair

is sprayed with a spray from its scalp Hair to the ends with combing the hair and leave after that

and do not wash the hair.

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