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Savon Noir

Savon Noir
Savon Noir
Savon Noir
Savon Noir
Savon Noir
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Italian soap or Moroccan bath

Made of Natural ingredients from Natural Argan Oil, keratin, jojoba oil and Castor oil, and the benefits of using it

* Deep cleaning, scrubbing, exfoliation and removal of dead cells from the skin of the face and body

* Remove the black layer from all areas of the body, especially sensitive areas

* Removal of stretch marks resulting from pregnancy and childbirth

* Remove pigmentation from the skin of the face and body

* Helps to get rid of pain from the muscles of the body and joints because it contains castor oil

* Approved and classified by the Food and Drug Administration

How to use:

Put an amount of Italian soap during the shower on all areas of the face and body skin

The body is rubbed with Italian Kessa in a circular and non-quick motion until the soap

penetrates the skin, then leave the soap foam on the skin of the body for 5 minutes and

then wash the skin with water.

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