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Hot / Cold Slim Gel

Hot / Cold Slim Gel
Hot / Cold Slim Gel
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There are two types of this gel (hot gel and cold gel), both the same product,

one gives heat and the other gives cold

They have the same effect and the same effect made specifically for slimming

and burning fat and tightening the contouring of the abdomen, chest and thighs

The buttocks also tighten and soften the areas mentioned.

A component of natural materials, especially hot and cold glycerin, which reacts

from the contamination and does the work of tensile and slimming and has no

Side effects and do not cause any kind of allergies

Method of use:

After bathing and drying the skin, apply hot or cold gel to the area and do a light

hand massage for at least 10 minutes

It is best to use it before bed so that it reacts to the skin while relaxing and can

be used at any time, preferably twice a day

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