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Chum Group For Skin Renewal

Chum Group For  Skin Renewal
Chum Group For Skin Renewal
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Shum Skin Renewal Skin Set is made up of four natural skin cell renewal products

And give the skin softness, vitality and whiteness where the group works together to remove dead cells from the epidermis

The skin is unified, it nourishes and protects the skin from sunlight and restores the skin

Natural color, this group consists of the following:

1st: Menom Shum Skin Renewal Cells Renewal: (The price is SR 265)

This conditioner is first used in cotton to clean and remove the first layer covering the skin such as dust, dryness and oxidation layer

It opens the pores of the skin and removes mental secretions

The product at any time and for all skin types

2nd: The advanced vitalizing renewal emulsion (price 340 riyals)

This product is used after the first product (skin conditioner) as it removes mental secretions from narrow areas

It moisturizes and nourishes the skin with missing elements and keeps the skin from oxidation and dehydration

3rd: The Advanced Capsulated Essence (Price 265 SR)

This product is used after product number 2 (Emulsion) where it nourishes the skin and remove blackness from the skin and tighten areas

Flabby with unified skin color

4th: The advanced Vitalizing renewal cream (price 340 Riyals)

After using the above products the skin is ready and ready to nourish and rejuvenate the skin cells where the product is used

The last (skin cell regeneration cream) put the cream and distributed over the entire facial skin, this cream is the process of nourishing the skin

Cell regeneration after cleaning and smoothing of previous products This kit is used for all skin types of dry, mental and sensitive

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