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Model: كريم
This range consists of five natural skin care products that are Korean-made productsThese products are medically certified:1st:- Sanji Skin Sterilizer (Price 115 SR) Saenggi- Skin (Tonic)2nd:-Second: Senji Skin Moisturizer (Price 125 SR) Saenggi- Lotion3rd:- The whitening of the skin Senji (price 14..
680.00 SR
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Model: كريم
This product is part of the Shum Skin Rejuvenation range used after product number 2 (Emulsion).It nourishes the skin, removes blackness from the skin and tightens the sagging areas of the skin while unifying skin tone..
265.00 SR
Ex Tax:265.00 SR
Model: كريم
This product is from the Shum range to regenerate skin cells and is used after the previous products to form the skinReady and ready to nourish and rejuvenate skin cells where the last product is used (skin cell regeneration cream)Apply the cream and distribute it to the entire facial skin. This cre..
340.00 SR
Ex Tax:340.00 SR
Model: كريم
Shum Emulsion for Skin Cell Regeneration The Shum Skin Emulsion Regenerator is used in the skin cell regeneration rangeAfter the first product (skin conditioner), it removes mental secretions from the narrow areas of the skinMoisturizes and nourishes the skin with missing elements and keeps the skin..
340.00 SR
Ex Tax:340.00 SR
Model: كريم
This skin conditioner is part of the Shum Skin Rejuvenation rangeAnd remove the first layer covering the skin such as dust, dryness andoxidation layer where it opens the pores of the skin and removeMental secretions have been cleaned, sterilized and soften the skin, this product is used at any time ..
256.00 SR
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Model: Cream
Moisturizing body cream is made from natural collagen. The benefits of using this cream:Smoothing and moisturizing the entire body skinTightening the flabs from the abdomen, chest, thighs and buttocks and filling the voids and gaps in those areasRemove thin lines from the abdomen and thighs resultin..
135.00 SR
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