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Model: Paste
Made of 100% natural colors and free from any chemicalsIt maintains the natural characteristic of hair and lasts long without causing any damage to the hair.Free from ammonia, which causes hair breakage and affects the main hair dyeAnd free from the smell of hair dyes and the smell of hennaHow to us..
54.00 SR
Ex Tax:54.00 SR
Model: صابون جاف
Natural soap, which is universally praised for washing the skin naturally is also used to clean colored and ordinary clothes and remove stains from themIt is completely chemical-free and completely radioactive. It works to clean, whiten and sterilize all kinds of colored clothesOrdinary and especial..
20.00 SR
Ex Tax:20.00 SR
Model: سائل
     Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% Natural and free of any chemicals.Uses:Used to moisturize hair and prevent split ends especially at the ends of the hair also gives hair softness and strength and prevent hair loss.Used for the body as moisturizing and treatment of dehydration and..
55.00 SR
Ex Tax:55.00 SR
Model: صابون جاف
Soap works to clean the body and scrub and exfoliate dead skin and remove dirt. Surrounded by a cotton mesh (velvet fiber) helps to clean the body.Note: Any other soap can be applied after the end of the soap used in cotton fibers with any type of soap...
25.00 SR
Ex Tax:25.00 SR
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