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This section is include all the Natural Products for Skin and Hair Products
for all Brands , Romanian ,Filipino, Korean and Italy Products with a full description

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Massage Cream
-40 %
Model: كريم
- it delay the natural aging of the skin.  - it prevents the premature aging of the skin  and restores the firmness    and tonicity of the skin. - it activates the blood circulation at the peripheral level. and increases the suppleness   and softness of the skin..
60.00 SR 100.00 SR
Ex Tax:60.00 SR
Model: لوشن كريم
A full-body moisturizer made from milk, natural substances and herbs to nourishand moisturize the body's skin.Used for the entire body, especially for the face and hands, moisturizes the skinand protect it from sunlight and gives a pleasant smell to the body..
25.00 SR
Ex Tax:25.00 SR
Model: كريم
Magic Whitening Cream from Korean Whitening Kit (Price 115 SAR)A natural cream that whitens your skin naturally and permanently whites within 3 minutesThis cream is used after cleansing the skin with foam (the first product) by applying a small amount of creamOn the skin and spread the cream by hand..
115.00 SR
Ex Tax:115.00 SR
Moisturizing Day Cream for All Kinds of Skin
-57 %
Model: كريم
- Due to its gentle formula, with a balanced content of fat substances, * it is also recommended for normal skin. * it protects the skin against the aggressive action of the environment    (UV radiation, wind, frost, pollution). * it simulates cell regeneration and it prevents ..
65.00 SR 150.00 SR
Ex Tax:65.00 SR
Model: رغوة سائلة
Korean skin whitening kitThis foam is part of the Korean skin whitening range for 70 SRUsed before whitening cream, it works thorough cleaning of the skin and open the pores of the skin and take out excess fatIt also prepares the skin to receive the whitening cream to be a fast whitening cream..
70.00 SR
Ex Tax:70.00 SR
Model: كريم
Nano hair straightening and treatment group group consists of 3 natural products specially formulated to treat and straighten curly hair using NANO technology that treats and keeps hair follicles from drying out and split ends.* Natural range free from ..
260.00 SR
Ex Tax:260.00 SR
Model: بودرة
The natural collagen group consists of three natural products consisting of natural collagen and are as follows:First: Collagen Cream to nourish facial skin ------- (Price 145 SAR) It's skin Collagen CreamSpecially formulated to nourish facial skin, it nourishes and moisturizes facial skin and remov..
550.00 SR
Ex Tax:550.00 SR
Model: Scrub
Green Tea Body Scrub works to remove dead cells and blacks from any areas of the body, especially sensitive areas of the body and also to exfoliate rough areas of the body such as the legs and elbows.Formulated with natural oat powder, natural salt and some natural oils.How to use:After cleaning the..
140.00 SR
Ex Tax:140.00 SR
Model: سائل
The group consists of two natural products as follows:Keratin shampoo for 95 SRHair Tonic Spray (70 SAR)The main components of the group are natural peptides, a hair proteinIt is a natural keratin that works to strengthen the hair follicles and wrapped with protein to protect itIt also strengthens a..
165.00 SR
Ex Tax:165.00 SR
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