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This section is include all the Natural Products for Skin and Hair Products
for all Brands , Romanian ,Filipino, Korean and Italy Products with a full description

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Model: Karadium
· Quick and easy to dye the lips and long continuity and water resistance· Can be used to polish and dye the lips glossily· Can also be used as a delusion of the eye and red cheeks and smooth and moisturizing lips  Available colorsStick # 5 - CherryStick # 4- PeachStick # 3- Apple greenStick # ..
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Model: كريم
  A special cream for adults exposed to high sun temperature and usedto protect the skin from the scorching sun and weather factorsIt works to moisturize the skin and protect it from infrared and ultraviolet rays.It is also used in winter to protect skin from cracks and protection from UV rays...
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Model: كريم
BB Cream Neutrites are medically classified and approved of natural materials free of any chemicals for the face skinVery strong action because it contains neutrites, a compound of enzymes and vitaminsTo protect and soften facial skin, its benefits include:Provides skin with vitamins that protect th..
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Model: سائل + جل
Magic set to stop falling and baldness consists of two products:First: Herbal Shampoo for baldness: Herbal Treatment Shampoo for 85 riyalsIt is a natural shampoo made from natural substances to treat baldness and fall in men and women and for all ages.First used for washing the hair where the hair i..
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Model: كريم
تتكون المجموعة السحرية الكورية لتبييض البشرة من منتجين طبيعيين هما:1-رغوة تنظيف وتعقيم البشرة       Nano Foam cleansing           ( السعر 70 ريال )2- كريم تبييض البشرة     Milky wear Skinship Whitening pack&nbs..
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Model: Paste
Made of 100% natural colors and free from any chemicalsIt maintains the natural characteristic of hair and lasts long without causing any damage to the hair.Free from ammonia, which causes hair breakage and affects the main hair dyeAnd free from the smell of hair dyes and the smell of hennaHow to us..
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Model: Make Up
Natural Korean makeup set stacked of 4 makeup options small and light to carry The group is composed of: Lipstick - eye shadow - blush - concealerEach one can be packed and switched as per choiceOur ingredients are Natural Sources free from the carcinogen Para been..
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Model: make up
Now do not worry about runny makeup· Make-up pen removes or corrects your makeup in an easy and fast wayDoes not cause any kind of allergiesContains moisturizing gel for skin while removing or correcting makeup..
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Model: Mask
* A Natural hair care mask made of caviar, milk protein and grains,* It works to Nourish and Treat dry, treated and dyed hair,* Works to Treat, nourish and strengthen the hair follicles and clean them of oils and bacteria that cause hair loss,* It works to thicken the volume of hair and treat breaka..
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Model: كريم
- it delay the natural aging of the skin.  - it prevents the premature aging of the skin  and restores the firmness    and tonicity of the skin. - it activates the blood circulation at the peripheral level. and increases the suppleness   and softness of the skin..
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Double coverage and permanent masking of skin imperfections· Is the basis for makeup while retaining the necessary moisture skin· Contains CC Cream and BB CreamContains collagen and skin protection layer· Smooth on the skin making the makeup very easy using the brush· Put a few on the cheeks, forehe..
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