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Model: جل
There are two types of this gel (hot gel and cold gel), both the same product, one gives heat and the other gives coldThey have the same effect and the same effect made specifically for slimmingand burning fat and tightening the contouring of the abdomen, chest and thighsThe buttocks also tighten an..
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Model: SERUM
Haloronic Serum is used for all skin types to inflate facial skin, lips and cheeks in a natural way away from surgery and medical injections. It is also used to inflate sensitive areas in a natural way. Where the skin smooth and restore the skin and fill the gaps in the skin of the face as..
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Model: سيروم
Natural jojoba oil is a liquid wax in the form of oil at normal room temperature and is 100% naturalIt is not oxidized and is not exposed to corruption and is therefore a necessary and important component of most natural cosmetic ingredients.Benefits of using jojoba oil include:* Treats eczema - vit..
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Model: Mask
Keragan infusion is a mixture of keratin and argan to nourish and care for brittle and damaged hair It is used after washing the hair with shampoo Y4.1, then using the mask Y4.2 and after showering And hair drying uses Y4.3 (keragan infusion), which is considered a nourishing hair scalp, hair ..
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keratin Hair Color keratin Hair Color
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Model: paste
Long-term permanent hair dye, completely free of ammonia, parabens and oxides, made of natural vegetable keratin and Natural oils that fix the color of the dye and protect the hair from dryness, falling and split ends of the hair.It also contains vitamins A and E to protect and nourish the hair scal..
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Model: Mask
Keratin mask to treat split ends, made up of natural keratin that treats split ends, especially at the ends. It works to strengthen damaged and brittle hair follicles and cleans the hair scalp of chemicals and external factors. How to use:After using the shampoo and washing the hair, put an ap..
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Model: sampoo
A special Natural set to Treat Hair Breakage, especially at the ends Made of Natural Keratin that strengthens damaged hair follicles And fragile and cleans the hair scalp of the chemicals stuck to the scalp. The group also works to protect the Hair from External and Atmospheric factors and ..
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Model: sampoo
This shampoo is made to Restructure and Treat dry, frizzy and fluffy hair and protect it from oxidation. It also works to treat brittle hair, consisting of Natural keratin that strengthens hair follicles and protects Dry and coarse hair from falling and dehydration and treating fluffy hair, gi..
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Model: Kessa
This Kessa is designed from special fibrous appendages to rub the body, soften it, and remove freckles and capillaries from the skin of the body. It also works to remove blackness from the entire body, especially sensitive areas, and works to remove the resulting black lines About the process of ..
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Model: صابون جاف
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