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This section is include all the Natural Products for Skin and Hair Products
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Body milk
-41 %
Model: كريم
- it quickly moisturizes and absorbed by the skin. - it maintains the lipo-hydric balance and regulates the PH of the skin. - it delay the natural aging and prevents the premature aging of the skin. Effects:-    It moisturizes, softens and increases the suppleness of the skin..
65.00 SR 110.00 SR
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Model: رغوة سائلة
43.00 SR
Ex Tax:43.00 SR
Model: كريم
Cream made of Natural materials especially to enlarge the chest and buttocks, it works to tighten the chest and buttocks in a Natural way without any side effects or allergies, and this cream has been approved and classified medically by the international lunch and medicine bodies. It is also used t..
175.00 SR
Ex Tax:175.00 SR
Model: Karadium
Eyebrows give the natural color appropriate for skin color with light touches· Give eyebrows abundance and fullness of hair color completely and light touches· Water and moisture resistant so as not to stain the skin during moisture or sweating· Easy removal with makeup removal materials· Does not c..
75.00 SR
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Model: رغوة
Korean hair dye in the form of 100% natural foam and free of any chemicals and free of ammonia that causes shelling and hair loss.This foam contains oxygen - developed 6% and is composed of certified materials and natural medical classification does not cause any hair loss or irritationFor scalp hai..
58.00 SR
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Model: سائل
A special natural oil for slimming, burning fat and tightening the contouring areas of the body such as the abdomen, waist, chest, buttocks and thighs.Black lines resulting from pregnancy and childbirth. It is also used to treat cold and flu by putting a little oil on the chest and neckOil Ingredien..
185.00 SR
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Cellulite Defying Cream Cellulite Defying Cream
-50 %
Model: كريم
This Cream is made with Natural Substances and Enzymes to get rid of and Remove the cellulite layer Black or red body areas such as the abdomen - the chest - the buttocks - the thighs As a result of pregnancy, childbirth and weight loss, How to Use:Apply a little of Cellulite Cream to the area..
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Model: Paste
Italian Natural Permanent long-term Hair dye, its ingredients are formulated from Cinnamon that Treats the scalp from infections and allergies and gives the hair Color Stabilityand Virgin Coconut Oil that Moisturizes the Hair and prevents it from breaking* Free Paraben and silicone* Contain of&n..
55.00 SR
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Cleansing  Milk  for (Dry / Oily) Skin
-53 %
Model: كريم
This cream is used daily in the morning and evening to clean dry and mental skin as it works to clean thoroughly to remove impurities and dust from the skin of the face and neck And remove excess fat and neutralization PH skin and makes the skin smooth, as this cream is based on delaying skin aging ..
40.00 SR 85.00 SR
Ex Tax:40.00 SR
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