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This section is include all the Natural Products for Skin and Hair Products
for all Brands , Romanian ,Filipino, Korean and Italy Products with a full description

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Model: Natural Soap
Specially made to Maintain the Beauty of the skin and give it softness.Made of Cucumber and avocado.It works to Tighten, Clean, Sterilize and Soften the skinIt gives coolness and refreshment to the body.It also lightens the pores of the skin and gives the body a refreshing scent...
25.00 SR
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Model: كريم
A natural foundation BB Cream that adds beauty and softness to the skinWorks to Repair and hide skin gaps while retaining skin moisture and protecting it from oxidation One of the advantages of this foundation cream is that it spreads on the skin in a consistent manner so that it hides all Ski..
150.00 SR
Ex Tax:150.00 SR
Model: كريم
BB Cream Neutrites are medically classified and approved of natural materials free of any chemicals for the face skinVery strong action because it contains neutrites, a compound of enzymes and vitaminsTo protect and soften facial skin, its benefits include:Provides skin with vitamins that protect th..
160.00 SR
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Model: كريم
A آatural cream for moisturizing and whitening the skin and treating voids and gaps in the skin pores It is considered a foundation cream and the advantage of this cream is that it spreads on the skin in a consistent way so that it hides all Skin imperfections such as black circles and uniform ski..
180.00 SR
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Baby Cream Vitamin E
-70 %
Model: كريم
12.00 SR 40.00 SR
Ex Tax:12.00 SR
Baby Oil Baby Oil
-57 %
Model: زيت
15.00 SR 35.00 SR
Ex Tax:15.00 SR
Model: Cleanser
A Natural foam used daily to Cleanse and Moisturize the entire Body while showering,Formulated with Natural, Chemical-free Materials that provide precise cleaningFor Body skin, Removing dead cells, Melasma and freckles from the skin and working onMoisturizing and unifying the skin color, as it is al..
65.00 SR
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Model: Cream
Prestige Gold BB Cream is classified and medically approved, made of natural materials free of any substances A special chemical for facial skin, it has a very strong effect because it contains gold filings in a greater concentration, and its benefits include: Provides the skin with vitami..
210.00 SR
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Model: سائل
A special feminine lotion for topical use, used daily to thoroughly cleanse the areaFemininity from excess moisture, secretions, and unwanted odors.It contains PH which maintains the moisture level of the area. It also helps with contractilityThe uterus and kills bacteria and get rid of secretions a..
55.00 SR
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Bio Balsam
Hot -33 %
Model: بلسم
This Product combines in a balanced formula the effects of the natural extracts with protecting and emollient properties of the conditioner.  The unique blend of Marigold flowers extract and Avocado oil infuses moisture and adds shine to your hair for new softness and combability..
20.00 SR 30.00 SR
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