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Model: معجون
A special natural toothpaste to sterilize the mouth, whiten and strengthen teeth, kill bacteria and treat gingivitis,Formulated with special natural substances to treat gum infections and remove halitosis certified and medically classifiedThe effectiveness of this product has been consulted by a den..
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Model: سائل
Feminine wash for the female area consisting of a protein peptide which is anti-bacterial and inflammatoryUsed daily and at any time especially during the menstrual cycleAdvantages of using this lotion:Cleaning and sterilizing the female area - narrowing of the uterus - removing inflammation and all..
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Model: كريم
BB Cream Prestige Gold is a classically approved and accredited ingredient made from Natural Materials free of any chemicals for facial skinIt has a very strong effect because it contains the substance of gold filings with a greater concentration and among its benefits:Provides the skin with vitamin..
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Model: كريم
 It improves the respiratory exchanges at the skin level during the night.      - it recovers the lipo-hydric balance. and simulates cell regeneration.      - it delays the natural aging of the skin. and prevent the premature aging of the skin. &..
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Model: كريم
After a shower, the body lotion is used to moisturize and soften the skin..
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Model: بخاخ سائل
To complete the process of nourishing the skin and give the body the smell of lavender and give the body activity and vitalityTo give the skin firmness and velvet suppleness is used as a perfume where it is sprayed on the body in a small amount...
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Model: مقشر
This exfoliator is used to exfoliate the entire body while bathingIt removes dead cells and removes blackness from any area of the body while giving the body softness and velvetSkin also gives shine to skin...
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Model: كريم
This range consists of five natural skin care products that are Korean-made productsThese products are medically certified:1st:- Sanji Skin Sterilizer (Price 115 SR) Saenggi- Skin (Tonic)2nd:-Second: Senji Skin Moisturizer (Price 125 SR) Saenggi- Lotion3rd:- The whitening of the skin Senji (price 14..
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