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Model: SERUM
Haloronic Serum is used for all skin types to inflate facial skin, lips and cheeks in a natural way away from surgery and medical injections. It is also used to inflate sensitive areas in a natural way. Where the skin smooth and restore the skin and fill the gaps in the skin of the face as..
450.00 SR
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Model: sampoo
A special Natural set to Treat Hair Breakage, especially at the ends Made of Natural Keratin that strengthens damaged hair follicles And fragile and cleans the hair scalp of the chemicals stuck to the scalp. The group also works to protect the Hair from External and Atmospheric factors and ..
240.00 SR
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Model: Kessa
This Kessa is designed from special fibrous appendages to rub the body, soften it, and remove freckles and capillaries from the skin of the body. It also works to remove blackness from the entire body, especially sensitive areas, and works to remove the resulting black lines About the process of ..
45.00 SR
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Model: سيروم
An ideal Treatment Serum for dry, processed, fluffy and brittle hair.Made of flaxseed oil and aloe Vera, which nourish and strengthen hair folliclesAnd the treatment of split ends, especially on the edges.How to use: After:Washing the hair with shampoo and drying it with a towel (or in the case of u..
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Model: Mask
* A Natural hair care mask made of caviar, milk protein and grains,* It works to Nourish and Treat dry, treated and dyed hair,* Works to Treat, nourish and strengthen the hair follicles and clean them of oils and bacteria that cause hair loss,* It works to thicken the volume of hair and treat breaka..
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Model: كريم
Nano hair straightening and treatment group group consists of 3 natural products specially formulated to treat and straighten curly hair using NANO technology that treats and keeps hair follicles from drying out and split ends.* Natural range free from ..
260.00 SR
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