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Model: oil
* A natural scrub made of linseed oil and jojoba oil* Exfoliates the scalp to clean and remove impurities, bacteria and fats* Lightening the pores of the scalp* Get rid of chemical residues*Protect the scalp from salt water*Anti-bacterial and protect the hair from itching*Contributes to bringing oxy..
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Model: صبغة
A permanent, long-lasting Hair dye that dyes in just 10 minutes. It is free of Ammonia, Parabens, and Oxides. It is composed of argan oil and Natural jojoba oil, which work to stabilize the color of the dye and protect the hair from dryness, loss, and split ends.The dye also contains vitamins A..
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Model: Cleanser
A Natural foam used daily to Cleanse and Moisturize the entire Body while showering,Formulated with Natural, Chemical-free Materials that provide precise cleaningFor Body skin, Removing dead cells, Melasma and freckles from the skin and working onMoisturizing and unifying the skin color, as it is al..
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Model: Paste
Italian Natural Permanent long-term Hair dye, its ingredients are formulated from Cinnamon that Treats the scalp from infections and allergies and gives the hair Color Stabilityand Virgin Coconut Oil that Moisturizes the Hair and prevents it from breaking* Free Paraben and silicone* Contain of&n..
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Model: Serum
Drops for Regenerating the skin cells and protecting them from oxidation, weather and dryness, consisting of Natural Mangosteen, Argan oil, Natural Jojoba oil and Sweet almond oil in addition to Vitamin E that gives the skin softness and velvety of the skin and Resistance to aging as it enhances the..
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Model: CREAM
This cream is effective at all times and for all skin types. It works on the effective nourishment, moisturizing, cleaning and protection of the face. This cream also repairs the skin, fills the gaps and gaps in the cheeks and makes the skin smooth and smooth. Made from Shea butter, mangosteen,..
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Model: CREAM
A special cream for exfoliating the facial skin of the dead cells and the accumulated dirt on the skin as it works on the delicate peeling of the face and open the pores and get rid of excess fat causing skin oxidation and moisturizes the skin from dehydration. It is made of sweet oil and hazel..
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Model: TONIC
Tonic  Cleaner and Sterilizer for Skin and Remote Makeup in a Natural manner, working on Cleaning and deep sterilization of the skin And remove the residue of make-up containing chemicals and remove the dust in the skin as working This Tonic on the opening of skin pores and protecting it fro..
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Green Tee Eay Contour Gel Cream
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Brand: Claride Model: Gel Cream
Special cream gel for Treating skin problems under the eye. Contains Natural Green Tea,  Enzyme that Removes Blackness, Fat and allergies from under the eye and contains vitamin E,which works to moisturize and remove wrinkles, aging and whitening the area around the eye,and works to p..
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