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Brand: Claride Model: De-Odorant
A body spray Deodorant made from Natural oils such as jojoba oil, lavender and shea oil,It works to get rid of the smell of sweat from the body and it also works to eliminate unwanted odorsIn sensitive areas without any sensitivity, it is used daily after showering and gives an excellent smell that ..
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Model: كريم
Special oxygen for hair dye fixation   It does not cause hair loss as it is considered beneficial to the scalp because it contains vitamin C and vitamin E..
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Model: Serum
Drops for Regenerating the skin cells and protecting them from oxidation, weather and dryness, consisting of Natural Mangosteen, Argan oil, Natural Jojoba oil and Sweet almond oil in addition to Vitamin E that gives the skin softness and velvety of the skin and Resistance to aging as it enhances the..
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Model: كريم
This hair cream is part of the Evercell Bio-Keratin Scalp Treatment, where it nourishes hairAnd the protection layer on the hair itself to protect against weather factors that causethe hair wear and therefore problemsHair loss, dandruff..
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Model: سائل
This Tonic is used as part of the Eversel Vital range to treat the scalp with keratinTreating any problem with the scalp, including bacteria, fungi, dandruff, hair loss and dryness, and Nourishes the scalpHair and thus strengthen hair follicles from their roots. It also works to fill the gaps in the..
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Model: كريم
- it is recommended for dry and sensitive skin and it has a soft cleansing action. - it removes dead cells from the tough layer surface due to the action of the    exfoliating microgranules. - it frees pores and simulates the exchange of nourishing substances of the skin. - It..
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Model: CREAM
This cream is effective at all times and for all skin types. It works on the effective nourishment, moisturizing, cleaning and protection of the face. This cream also repairs the skin, fills the gaps and gaps in the cheeks and makes the skin smooth and smooth. Made from Shea butter, mangosteen,..
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Model: كريم
- it contains vegetal oils with emollient, comforting and anti-inflammatory action.        - it protects the sensitive skin around the eyes against the action of the solar radiation.        - it has a moisturizing action.and delay the..
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Model: CREAM
A special cream for exfoliating the facial skin of the dead cells and the accumulated dirt on the skin as it works on the delicate peeling of the face and open the pores and get rid of excess fat causing skin oxidation and moisturizes the skin from dehydration. It is made of sweet oil and hazel..
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Model: صابون جاف
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