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Model: make up
Fixed resistance to water, sweating, tears and fats secreted from the eye· Make the eye clear and attractive and does not cause liquefaction on the eye· Easy to use and quick dry especially for beginnersContains natural substances against allergies and itching of the eye· Contains collagen and vitam..
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Model: make up
1. · Static resistance to water, sweating, tears and fat excreted from the eye2. Do not cause liquefaction on the eye and contain natural substances against allergies and itching3. Contains collagen and vitamin especially for eye skin and eyelashes4. · Light on the eye with soft touches and long las..
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Model: كريم
- it delay the natural aging of the skin. - it prevents the premature aging of the skin. - it reduces substantially the already formed wrinkles.   Effects:- The skin becomes smooth, soft and supple. After repeated applying, the shallow        &nbs..
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Model: Mask
Mask to Soften, Nourish and Treat Dry Hair, FRIZZY Hair and fluffy hairIt is made up of special natural materials for treating fluffy hair and flax seed extractsThis musk works to protect the hair from salt water and maintain the basic hair color,It also treats fluffy hair and makes it soft and stro..
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Model: صابون جاف
Soap works to clean the body and scrub and exfoliate dead skin and remove dirt. Surrounded by a cotton mesh (velvet fiber) helps to clean the body.Note: Any other soap can be applied after the end of the soap used in cotton fibers with any type of soap...
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Model: paste
Long-term permanent hair dye, completely free of ammonia, parabens and oxides, made of natural vegetable keratin and Natural oils that fix the color of the dye and protect the hair from dryness, falling and split ends of the hair.It also contains vitamins A and E to protect and nourish the hair scal..
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Model: زيت
A special Natural oil to give the complexion a bronze color.Formulated with Natural Substances that have no side effects on the skin.It gives the skin brilliance and bronze color and also protects the skin from sunlight.How to use: The body skin is applied with this oil evenly and within minutes the..
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