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Model: مقشر
This exfoliator is used to exfoliate the entire body while bathingIt removes dead cells and removes blackness from any area of the body while giving the body softness and velvetSkin also gives shine to skin...
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Model: كريم
This range consists of five natural skin care products that are Korean-made productsThese products are medically certified:1st:- Sanji Skin Sterilizer (Price 115 SR) Saenggi- Skin (Tonic)2nd:-Second: Senji Skin Moisturizer (Price 125 SR) Saenggi- Lotion3rd:- The whitening of the skin Senji (price 14..
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Savon Noir Savon Noir
New 2-3 Days
Model: soap
Italian soap or Moroccan bath Made of Natural ingredients from Natural Argan Oil, keratin, jojoba oil and Castor oil, and the benefits of using it * Deep cleaning, scrubbing, exfoliation and removal of dead cells from the skin of the face and body * Remove the black layer from all areas of ..
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Model: صابون جاف
Natural soap specially formulated to preserve sensitive baby skin,Formulated with natural moisturizing oils and natural flowers to treat sensitive skin.It can also be used for adults with dry and sensitive skin..
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Model: SERUM
This serum is designed for all skin types to hydrate, revitalize and revitalize facial skin. It is made of natural argan oil with a high concentration of vitamin E, which prevents oxidation of the skin and remove wrinkles, dandruff, freckles and tanning. It also works to restore and standardize..
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