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Four special products for facial care and removal of acne and its effects. Used with some

as a treatment to remove acne as follows:

Lotion 1: Skin cleansing cream for removing acne SUVA, Hydrating & Cleansing Emulsion

Use daily morning and evening to clean the skin before using other lotions, especially before putting makeup.

Cleans and protects the skin from sunburn and air pollution. Absorbs quickly through the skin and gives the skin

smoothness and eyeglasses.

Lotion 2: Sterilizing the skin from the bacteria to remove the acne, SUVA, Tonic Lotion

This product is used daily after cleansing the skin with preparation (1). It is a sterile skin of bacteria to remove acne.

Where it sterilizes and cleanses the area where acne is found in the bacteria and opens the pores of the skin and

pores of acne and remove the secretions of mind.

Lotion No. 3: SUVA, Powder

For night use only before bedtime, after cleansing the skin with preparation No. (1) first and then sterilized with

preparation No. (2) and then put the powder on the evening area acne

Leaving it on the acne zone throughout the sleep period as it works to absorb and remove the fat produced by acne.

4: Moisturizing Day Cream (SPA), Moisturizing Day Cream

This product is used as a moisturizer for the skin after the use of previous preparations and is used daily in the morning

to moisturize the skin. It is considered as a foundation layer for make-up where it is applied to acne

With light massage. It neutralizes the secretions of the skin and opens the pores of the skin and protects the skin from the

bacteria that make up the brain secretions that cause acne.

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