Cellulite Defying Cream

Cellulite Defying Cream

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Cream is used daily to slim and remove fat and fat accumulated on the abdomen - chest - buttocks - thighs.

Where the cream is placed on the side of that area for ten minutes as it works to dissolve grease and fat from the mental areas such as buttocks, thighs, waist, abdomen and chest.

It tightens the chest and prevents it from sagging, removing the effects of aging and restoring its cohesion. It also removes the mental excretions from those areas, especially the buttocks and thighs.

The Orange Peel layer also eliminates black lines, the sagging layer that forms in the brain areas of the skin.

It also works to tighten and reduce the chest and buttocks naturally without any negative effects.

- it scatter the adipose subcutaneous peripheral deposits.

- it decreases the frailty of the capillary vessels.

- it prevents the aging of the skin.

- it recovers the tonus firmness and suppleness of the skin.


Effects:- It substantially decreases the lipidic deposits that cause "Orange Peel" aspect . it leaves the

                 skin smooth, firm and elastic.

Apply: Applying it daily on areas with cellulite or predisposed to it,

energetically massaging for 10 minutes. 

it is high recommended for body care during pregnancy, after losing

weightand after lengthy sun exposure.



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