UNIQA hyaluronic Acid

UNIQA hyaluronic Acid

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Haloronic acid is used daily for all skin types.

The haloronic acid is basically present in the skin and because of the weather and aging factors its skin is less.

The lack of haloronic acid causes a lot of problems such as wrinkles and costs and the incidence of skin gaps and

oxidation and blackness around the eyes and the emergence of acne and also roughness of the skin.

This product is designed to solve all skin problems and give it beauty and softness with attractive Italian touches. Among its benefits:

Contains concentrated gold pearls that restore the skin vitality and restoration naturally

Compensates for halo-deficient skin and regenerates cells in a natural way

Inflate facial skin, cheeks and lips in a natural way without the need for surgery.

It treats acne and fills the blisters with the cheeks and treats the oxidation of the skin

Eliminates signs of aging (aging) and removes wrinkles around the eye and neck

Moisturizing and whitening the skin protects it from sunlight and from the elements of the air from heat, dryness and salt water

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