Welcome to Al-Abed Cosmetics ( Natural Skin Care Products)

Al-Abed Cosmetics is The First Organization in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf Region that deals with Natural Skin and hair care products,

Make up and Perfumes.

All Our products are free from any chemicals, Paraben , Silicon and Ammonia and All our products are medically classified and approved by

international food organizations.

The Foundation was Established in Saudi Arabia in 1415 H (1995) with the first exclusive agency for the distribution of  Romanian Natural

products in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf countries followed by several Philippine agencies to distribute Natural skin and hair care products

In the year 1433 - 2012, several Korean agencies were obtained as an exclusive agent in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

In 1436 H - 2015, the agency of the 3 largest Italian companies was obtained.


Our products are characterized by : -

 - 100% Natural and free of any Chemicals.

Awarded the International Standards Award (ISO 9001)

Gold Award for Quality    - Certified and Medically classified

Certified, classified and listed by the Saudi Food and Drug Authorization (SFDA)

Its ingredients are Vitamins, Natural oils and pH-bound skin


 Our Natural preparations are as follows:-

- Natural skin Whitening and Sunscreen preparations - Wrinkle and sagging products

- Natural preparations to Remove the dandruff, freckles, black circles and acne - Hair removal preparations

- Natural preparations for Slimming and Removing fat and tightening of flaccid areas

- Natural preparations to Enlarge the chest and Hips

Chest tightening preparations - Natural products for children

 - Ammonia-free hair dyes - Natural Toothpaste - Women's Cosmetics - Natural laundry soap

- Foot Care - Hand & Nail - Face Mask

- All kinds of natural soap for skin and head hair - collagen cream

- Cosmetics and oils for hair care from falling, dandruff and shelling - BB cream

Collagen cream – Keratin shampoo - Jojoba oil - Vitamin C for the skin

- Natural Make Up - Deodorant - Serum for skin Treatment and Anti-Oxidant protection